Monday, January 31, 2011

Meeting 1/30

Yesterdays meeting went really well. So far we have had four meetings. Right now we are working on our testimonies. Sanford, who is assisting us with writing them, has been wonderful in giving ideas for writing good testimonies. He had a few people read theirs to the group and so far everybody's sounding good, but I am not anticipating reading mine. After the meeting a few of us talked about the upcoming events which I will tell you more about later. We also discussed the crafts and games for VBS.

In case some of you didn't know, we will be in the San Quintin Valley just south of Ensenada. We will be staying at Todd and Letsy's base, Casa de Luz, and we will be serving at a church near by. With as many people we have going on the mission trip this year we are looking at splitting up into two teams and each team going to a different church, but both teams will still be staying at the same base.

I think everyone is getting more, and more excited and ready to go with each meeting. I personally cannot wait!

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