Sunday, February 13, 2011

Support Letters Can Benefit in More Ways Than One

Monday afternoon my mom and I were getting ready to mail out our support letters. We had hand written every address on every envelope that day, so we had spent a lot of time on that. We decided we could finish the rest when we got there and left the house. On the way we wasted a lot of time driving up every street off our road looking for a rental house for some of our friends. We finally got off our road and hesitated which post office to go to. As we past the closest one to our house I spouted off with, "No, no! Not this one!". On that we continued driving to the post office downtown.
We got there around four o' clock and then spent the next half hour in the truck finishing the addressing on our envelopes. Keep in mind the post office closes at five. Getting frustrated and upset about how long it was taking us, we finally addressed the last envelope. We got into the post office and were standing there with all of our envelopes in our hands when a lady behind us says, "Someone's got writer's cramp.". We told her that they were support letters for our mission trip to Mexico coming up in March. She asked questions like, "What are you doing down there?", "How long will you be down there?", and "What church do you go to?". At that, we started to get a little excited seeing how God had used everything that had happened today to get us there in that spot, in that post office, in front of that lady to tell her about our church and encourage her to come. Following what God obviously had in store for us, we told her about SFC and where it was located, how it is nondenominational and not judgmental. All to find out she lived walking distance and said she would try to come Saturday night.
All of this just goes to show you, even though asking people for money through support letters feels uncomfortable God can use it in some very successful ways. So don't refrain from sending them just because you don't feel right asking friends and family to support you, because you never know how God is going to use you.

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  1. So, very true! It was definitely a moment set up by God. It has also given us a chance to pray for her, and also for her to pray for our team. God is so Awesome!