Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday- Muchos lodos!!!!

Well today we woke to muchos lodos, much mud!! Our day started earlier and with much purpose as we intended on getting loaded and moving off the base by 8:45. This was the plan for both the teams. We have decided that we should come up with more clever names than team south and team north or team 1 and team 2 for our teams. So breakfast was early, then chapel with some really fun worship, then chore time, and we were off! The roads were interesting! When we left you last in our blog we let you know that it was raining. Well, it really rained, and when it rains the roads become really muddy!! Lodos makes everything interesting around here. It makes driving interesting, which the white van found out when they were going to do visitation and got stuck in deep mud. They had made a wrong turn and went down an alley to end up stuck very deep in the mud. The men gallantly got out to help push the van out of the mud. When that was not working Craig decided that the women should all go sit in the back..... to weigh the back down???? Hmmmm did he really go there? When we all were debriefing tonight and talking several of the men offered him a shovel to dig his way out of this one.

The building site for the north team went very well even though there was all the mud. They were able to get three walls up today, and many post holes dug for the fence. They were very blessed to have their Mexican brothers working beside them on the project, which made it go so much faster. It also made it so much more enjoyable and rewarding. The south site was not able to get to their building site at first, but they were able to send a few men to get some cement poured. Some others did a service for the pastor and made a drainage ditch to drain off the water in front of his home.

The white van on the south team did finally get unstuck and make it to their visitations and prayers for their community. The north team broke into two groups to go out and do visitation and prayer teams. All prayer teams had phenomenol experiences. To be able to come down and lift up others in prayer is such an honor. One team was able to pray for a family who had been in an accident, another for a 6 month old baby who is blind, and just to lift up members of the church family. It is an experience that you can't really put into words. We did all come back with a lot more mud, we were thankful that we had no one fall.

Vacation Bible School was amazing for both teams. We had the kids make sock puppets, and we also put on another puppet show for them. We presented them with more testimonies today from our youth, and we will have more youth give their testimonies tomorrow. It rained again during the day, even though we had awakened to the sun. So, it had appeared at first that we would not be able to bring out the play equipment up north. Down south they were able to bring out their play equipment no problema! We were however, able to bring out the bubbles and soccer balls etc. towards the close of VBS. The children loved it. We all ended up with a lot more mud! Ian did right at end, the take a fall into the mud and mud puddle! It was just as we were gathering the balls up to go home.

We are all so excited to see what God has in store for us tomorrow! We are also praying that the rain will go away, so we can have the streets dry out and continue with the building.

Everyone sends love to their families back at home.

Until tomorrow....

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