Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our adventures...

We are so excited to tell you about today, but first let's back up and fill you in on our trip down. All of our vehicles had code names; Darth Vader, Roach Coach, Snow White, Jalepeno, The Queen Mary, Holy Guacamole, and Moby Dick. That gives you an idea of our senses of humor. Although we had radio contact, we managed to get separated several times.

The begining of the drive started out well. We were all laughing and having a good time, when suddenly between Yreka and Shasta City we hit heavy snow. At the time Miranda was driving and mentioned that she had never driven in the snow before. She did great, though! After the snow the only bad weather we had was rain. During our stop in Yreka we filled up on gas and had dinner. While getting gas my mom taught me how to pump it myself. This gas pump however, did not want to fill up our truck. No matter how hard we tried it stopped at five gallons. We finally gave up and let it be considering we weren't that low on gas. At the second stop, I wanted to try my new skill again, but this time I accidently filled it with supreme gas rather than regular. While we were waiting for everyone else to get in the vehicles, Wendy and Savannah jumped in the back seat of our truck with my mom and I. When Ken opened the door to get in they both fell out of the truck screaming and scared Ken. After this it was smooth sailing for the most part. As we hit L.A. some of had to go to the bathroom. We decided on the exit we were going to take to find a gas station with a bathroom and planned on going there. Even though we had planned on an exit we missed it. We then planned on another and missed it also. The third exit we planned on taking we did not miss thankfully and were able to find the bathroom. As those who had to use it got out of the vehicles and rushed for the rest rooms we found that they were "toll bathrooms", we had to pay twenty-five cents to use the bathroom.

Our last challenge was trying to rondevouz with Kathy and Bob at the Home Depot in Ensenada. They had a relaxing four hours waiting for us in the parking lot. Now our team was complete and with no further difficulties we arrived at our mission base before dark.

Today was called our free day, during which we could choose one of several options. Some headed south to Esperanza Medical Clinic, while others explored the beach and market. Those who went to Esperanza had the privilege of meeting and encouraging missionaries Stevito, Teresa, and Bukey. They toured the facility and learned about the Bible school led by Pastor Junior. Rena and Victor, teachers at the school, invited us into their home which was part of an SFC group project two years ago.

The rest of the team enjoyed playing soccer, chasing waves and taking pictures at the beach. We also had an intense hot dog search, but to no avail. The Hall-Riesen-See cooking team lost about eighty hot dogs somewhere, possibly in an abandoned ice chest in the room above the church offices. Other than that we have added fresh oranges, pineapples, strawberries and mangos, which we found at roadside stands. Talking about food is making me hungry and we are about ready for dinner. I will update you tomorrow. We pray tomorrow will be as blessed as today has been. Thank you for your continuous prayers. Adios for now.

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