Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday- Moving right along...

Well, we were very busy again today. Building, VBS, prayer visitation (again that just really can't be put into words... you will just have to come down here and experience it... or find one of us to tell you in expressionate conversation when we are home.) On the prayer visitation I do think Ian Patt hit on something good, it is humbling. We were a pretty tired group when we all rolled in tonight, so I'm thinking that the beautiful children we played with wore us all out! The girls were going around tonight though striking up conversation with the adults asking how they either proposed or were proposed to. It is so nice to see this group that we have gathered here. We have such a wonderful blend of age groups, and they are all blended well together. There is no "adult table", "teen table", "kids table". We are all mixed in together and being blessed by eachother. We have had some great games of volleyball here at the base, as you can see by the pictures posted. The soccer is fantastic down here, even when we are playing in the lodo! Speaking of which it was a little bit better today. Oh and speaking of things from yesterday I forgot to mention a few things. The poor team to the south that had gotten stuck in the mud, couldn't get to their building site right away, etc. Well, I forgot to say God took care of them. They did get two, yes two lunches! They sacrificed and ate them both with smiles on their faces. Also, Ken had wanted to buy some raisins for the oatmeal so they stopped at a store. He could not remember what the spanish word for raisin was, so he asked the lady for grapes without water. The first clerk looked at him funny, and he tried it several more times before she went and got another lady. So, he tried saying grapes without water to her. After a couple of times she said the spanish word for raisins. Ken was so excited, because he knew it when he heard it, she then replied "Si, raisins." When Ken told us this story we all laughed very hard. Struggling with the language seems like such a huge barrier when you are up in America, but when you get down here it is a source of joy!

Tomorrow we have a very intense busy day. We head out early as usual to the sites. We will do our building/prayer visitation projects, and then a slightly shortened VBS. We will be taking stuff with us because we have church Wednesday nights also with a VBS. The difference at the Wednesday night VBS is there is no craft or snack because they will have just had one. They will still have the puppet show, movie, and testimonies. So, we have to prepare for a long day tomorrow.

So, in advance please forgive us if we do not get a post made to the blog for Wednesday. We will do our best to accomplish it, but we will make no promises. Well, we can not wait to see what great things God holds for us tomorrow. We thank you all for holding us in your prayers, we could not be doing this without them.

Until we can write again.

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  1. thank you for taking time to update us, wonderful pictures. May you all stay strong and finish well.